Project Campaigns

The Buddhist Lent campaign lunched the campaign since 2003and the government has announced that in the Buddhist Lent is the national stop drinking alcohol is national’s day in 2010The ongoing campaign to help Thai people save their money from buying alcohol more than 30,000 million Baht per year and there were not drinking alcohol throughout the Buddhist Lent 3months by 30 percent and reduce the number of drinking about 20 percent.   The campaign with ban alcohol in the festivals and fair and funeral ceremony in 2012, Stop Drink Network has awarded provincial campaign 29 provinces that alcohol free. In addition, the survey found that Srisaket can save a lot of alcohol cost approximately 700 million Baht per year.   Campaign in Songkran festivals proposed model to minimize problems from alcohol during the Songkran festival, the concept of Safety Songkran festival.  Alcohol-free play area 26 Road area and had the cooperation with the local governments and the Stop Drink communities to reduce the problem of alcohol drinking.
No alcohol campaign in the Loy Krathong event. The concept is to Loy Krathong with fun and happy without alcohol, to reduce the problem of alcohol in 30 areas across the country and to reduce for playing firecrackers.   The campaign of traditional long-boats racing festival under the concepts of alcohol-free during the racing festival. The space of long boat race, a collaboration of more than 60 tournaments and is collaboration with Thailand's PBS TV station. Live more than 10 tournaments to spread the concept of race-free of alcohol. A prototype of the first race of Nan has concept as no alcohol but enjoyable.   Campaign in the fireballs tradition before the rainy season- the fireballs traditional is the belief of people that the seasonal rains. Nonetheless the marketing of beers companies have access to support in the traditional. Therefore, the factor in a lot of drinking alcohol is large because it’s easy sell alcohol. The initiate of free alcohol in 10 areas of fireballs traditional will exemplify the next solution of alcohol problem.
The campaign to enforce the law and surveillance in 2008 to support the Liquor Control Act on Alcohol and the law is declared to enforce alcohol control and to support the enforcement in every province.   Campaign of youth groups and schools e.g. the Little Buddha (Children) project invites their parents to quit alcohol. This campaign is in collaboration with the Commission. There are more than 300 schools participated in the awarding good teachers. Furthermore, to support networks, mentors and learning to solve these problems through student work.   Campaign in the family cooperates with the rights of children organization, underprivileged, youth campaign to encourage the families to quit drinking alcohol. There are 300 local campaign of organizations can help families save money from alcohol cost and to return to happiness to the family as well.
To support the campaign by the monks that proposed for the Supreme Sangha Council has a policy of no alcohol during Buddhist Lent campaign, the temple is a free zone of alcohol, and more than 200 monks and monks participate in a leadership role in the campaign in all villages.   Campaign in the local government strengthen local and persuade people to stop drinking more than 200 people and enlist their support. Department of Local Administration supports the sports and policy advocacy campaign against drinking, smoking, and drug.   Campaign no alcohol in industrial factory with 7 industry factory model and has a network more than 250 industries and create a partnership with the campaign and continued and expanded even more.

The military campaign in collaboration with the Royal Army is a model-free alcohol at military camp and vice versa are extended through the work continues.