Goals:  by the year 2017Youth will difficult to access alcohol and give the immunity to them.  This means that:

·Commercial business: trading hard for alcoholic beverages to influence the youth market.

· Society: A good example is by merit and free spirits and cultural control.

· Family: Parents do not drink in the family because drinking children as the target when all family is drinking alcohol. Stop drinking for family project.

Education levels: a management study to solve alcohol problems in effectively.

· Youth in society: an innovative campaign for them to understand.

Strategic solutions in collaboration with government agencies and the private sector are.

1) strong power network at the provincial level and specific audience and involved in the risk factors of drinking, smoking and drugs.

2) Supporting law enforcement / public policy issue all levels (local levels and national level), including alcohol policy protection from free trade and to protect the retaliation of alcohol business.

3) Change the values, traditions, religious festivals and annual events. Measures to determine prevent and reduce the effects of alcohol.

4) Focus the high-risk areas mobilization problem e.g. high drinking proportion provinces, border city and tourism. by working in collaboratively and continuously.

5) Build a strong network of youth is the driving force by campaigning to reach teenagers.