History of StopDrink  Networks(SDN) and StopDrink networks office

Stopdrink Network is a network of public gathering and network management based on mid year of2003 began with a meeting at the unofficial leader of a small group on June 12, 2003 by Prof. Dr. Udomsil Srisangnarm, Dr. Supakorn Buesai as leaders to discuss the issue of pushing measures to control alcohol consumption. The measurement prohibited for advertisement of alcohol beverages. As well as discuss how the collaboration of Thai health promotion foundationMinistry of public health. Thai health promotion foundation should work on more on alcohol, cigarettes.

StopDrink networks 2003.

The proposals discussed campaign strategy together especially during the Buddhist Lent period of July 2003 to come up with to the meeting of the Working Group held on 19 June 2003 to continue to associate partner and prepared for statistics data. The meeting was held on June 212003, At that conference all parties agreed on the campaign during Buddhist Lent and determines the main idea in the campaign. The media presentation of campaign and the application of the principles "Pledge to abstain from alcohol during the Buddhist Lent" for the preparation of the "Logo" and driving in the area through various partners to be driven in the same direction. There was appointed a committee director for the campaign and the implementation of the campaign.

Driven flow through a variety of spot television newscasts for the Prime Minister. Including the Ministry of public health and adopted this policy to comply with such a big event together before Buddhist Lent at Puttamonton on July 122003, then associate partner such as Wat Dhammakaya,41universities, Buddhist international Society, center for moral Development Mahachulalongkorn University, confederation of Community Healthy Living, Asoke’s Networks, the industry network, Monks developers Network, doctors and health associations also to cooperate with the army, etc., This driven strategy is a collaboration of several parties to raise awareness and action under the same goal like never before.

However, the coordination of partners especially to support media campaign require a management unit was assigned  "Peer Support Foundation" as a coordination center in the media and as a pledge card including the consultation center over the phone.

Evaluation on the end of Buddhist Lent, there was a survey of Poll found that 84.7 percent of the media campaign, 94.5 percent agreed with the campaign and for a sample of alcohol drinking was stop drinking alcohol approximately 55.9 percent in 2003. Therefore, the Institute of research Chulalongkorn University has evaluated the results of such operations is highly desirable.

 The working group has agreed that the campaign continues the alcohol-free event ceremony campaign to end during Buddhist Lent. Assembly meetings and abstain from alcohol. At a meeting in October 2003 and invited all parties to join the network. Then, the Thai health promotion foundation has appointed a corporate no alcohol network by a representative of the partnerships committee. The Board of Directors partnership and networking joint the campaign in the New Year2004 event and Songkran festivalevent 2004.


The establishment of StopDrink Network.

During this Network partners stopdrink network work together Thai health promotion foundationagreed that the organization should require a network management unit with a full-time office staff and simultaneously to support the campaign and party-driven networks by decided to lead the Peer Foundation Mr.Songkran pakchokdee movement leaders campaign from the beginning has been the implementation of established networks abstain from alcohol in the month of April 2004 as Virtual Organizations Coordination Working Party to reduce the consumption of alcohol instead of Thai health promotion foundation. StopDrink Network is unit coordinated management and driving the strategy. The budget allocated to the carrying amount of 11,334,500 baht and budget to support partnership networks 60 million baht to operate from April 2004April 2005, the implementation of such actions under the following five strategies.

1 Fewer new drinkers. (The new drink is Youth under 18 years).

2 Create a corporate template as a non-alcoholic

3 Create a new spiritual consciousness and cultural values (e.g, be fun to celebrate without alcohol).

4. Encourage each party to work in accordance with the needs of the country.

5 Working with strategic legal and technical committee of the board of control of alcohol consumption.


Office Development Stop Drink Network Year 2005 - 2006, in 3rd  year.

During the original project was extended. The development of new services due to the " set of project Stop Drink network 3rd year," the duration was 18 months between October 2006 - March2007 to continue the old work and approach the new work by Thai Health Promotion Foundationand separated work and the campaign to reduce accidents, formerly located in Stop Drink Network to the office of Reduce accidental network. By Stop Drink Network ongoing Strategy as follows:

1. Strategic network of strong partners

2 strategies to build a network of volunteers as a campaign volunteer

3 strategies to build awareness of social and cultural values

4 strategies to drive public policy

5. Strategic synergy for policy and academic knowledge

6. Strategic surveillance strategy of beers company

Throughout this time the campaign is to get the attention of high in Thai society. During the celebration of the 60 year reign of His Majesty the coordination with the government to enact the law and the political situation, the Minister of Health, Dr. Mongkol Na Songkhla provide support for alcohol control measurement by the Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont announced that no alcohol because to preserve the precepts of and a steady stream of leads sufficient economy concept into the mainstream of society.


Stop Drink Network in 2007 to 2008.

The proposed 3-year action plan to Thai Health Promotion Foundation during this constitutes a leap of the office to long-term management plan. This lets a direction and targets better. Which have adapted their strategies in accordance with the budget for :

-       Strategic Policy and law enforcement surveillance

-       The traditional culture campaign strategy

-       Strategic campaign to target

-       Alcohol-free zones strategic

-       Strategic infrastructure development campaign

The goal is to make the laws are actually enforced. The social stimulation for to their own problems by set the goal is to prevent new drinkers.

After this, the department has stepped into an organization that has experience in the management plan to control alcohol. Through the power of social approach social movement “Triangle Mountain budges”. The office will be able to follow the mission accomplished much is the key indicators.


Stop Drink moved to a permanent office

Since 2004 the office has operated rental locations in Nawamin Road Soi 79, Then in January2010 purchased the Building, in the Nawamin Road Soi Phokeaw Yeak 4.

Office of Stop Drink Network has operating since June 12010.